Cascade Family Medical Clinic is dedicated to the healthcare of the people of the local community.  Our goal is to provide excellent care and to treat all our patients with dignity and respect.

Cascade Family Medical Clinic (CFMC) was founded in 1975 by B. Ray Fitzgerald, MD and Kenneth P. Perko, MD.  These two family doctors served in the United States Navy together and started the first family practice department at Long Beach Naval Hospital in California.

Cascade Family Medical Clinic opened on August 4, 1975 in the third floor offices in the Proffit builidng on Tower Street in downtown Centralia.  In February 1979, a new office adjacent to the Centralia General Hospital was built.  Additional space was added in 1997.  Eric M. DeMun, MD and Christopher L. Yarter, MD joined the clinic in August, 1998.  B. Ray Fitzgerald left the clinic in 2000.  Margaret Hennessey and Stephen Fischer joined the clinic in 2011 and 2012, respectively.  Kenneth P. Perko, MD retired in December, 2013.  Margaret Hennessey left the clinic in December, 2018.